New Year’s Eve and the best makeup for girls with glasses

New Year’s Eve is about to fall! Surely you have the dress, you have decided with which shoes you are going to wear it and you have already made a slight idea of how you are going to spend the night. (Beware! The improvised goes well almost every night… except this one).

Spend the night with friends in a place, in a disco, or at a quieter house, we want you to look beautiful behind your glasses. BEAUTIFUL: in capital letters, bold, underline, and neon lights (Well, we don’t have neon lights, but we have Beyoncé in Glow, which is almost the same).


Write down our infallible tips to make up with glasses:

  • First of all, she believes in the mantra “with glasses I’m beautiful”. Do you need to make a leap of faith to internalize it completely? No problem. Here’s our little sermon in the form of an article on eyewear and beauty. An advance: wearing glasses is beautiful.
  • Crystal and its effects. If you have myopia you will feel that the crystals make your look smaller. To counteract this effect, bet on marking the eye well using a dark eyeliner. Then, apply a couple of layers of black mascara. If, on the other hand, you have hyperopia, opt for a soft makeup, such as a thin eyeliner. In addition, it is important that your glasses have anti-reflective lenses so that your eyes can be well appreciated.Glasses glasses reflection makeup
  • Put light to your eyes! Some frames can cast shadows around the eyes. To combat it, resort to the technique of contouring. How? Applying illuminator in the lower part of the eyes downwards and until reaching the center of the nose. In this way, they will highlight the eyes and not the shadows.
  • Appropriate eyebrow style. The style of the eyebrows should be based on the size and shape of the frame of glasses that we wear. Of course, it will also depend on the thickness and natural shape of the eyebrows. Currently, full, defined and arched eyebrows are trending. If we wear a striking frame, we must avoid very strong makeup on the eyebrows. On the contrary, with a smaller and more subtle frame, we can fill the eyebrows with their natural color. This will help focus attention on the eyes and highlight the look.


  • Yes to colorful eyelids. When we wear prescription glasses with frames of intense colors we usually choose that all our makeup is subtle. But eye-catching eyeliner, well-defined eyelashes, and colorful shadows are all great ways to play with your eyes. If we choose a bright eyeshadow color, we must take into account that it complements the color of the frame we wear. Above all, let’s try to combine glasses and eyes.
  • Hay que elegir: ojos o labios. Al igual que con cualquier look, es mejor resaltar o bien los ojos o bien los labios. ¿Gafas llamativas o sombras dramáticas? Combinemos nuestra mirada con un brillo sin color o un bálsamo labial ligeramente teñido. Si no es así, podemos pasar de los ojos dramáticos y optar por el eyeliner, rímel y un labial colorido y brillante. Este look queda especialmente bien con gafas de estilo vintage. Marilyn style. Por cierto, esas gafas cat eye le quedan de miedo y a ti también.



And now that’s it, you’ve come from dancing and giving everything or you’ve told your friends that they can go to sleep at their house, that a well-deserved rest awaits you. Are you really over the day? No! It is very important that you remove makeup and above all that you do it very gently in the eye area. And we don’t say it so you don’t stain the cushion. As Alicia Escuer, Technical Director of University Optics, comments, “it is okay to wear makeup, but it can also increase the risk of eye irritation. Therefore, it is important that we always remove makeup completely before going to sleep.”

And yes, tomorrow to rest ALL DAY.

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