The health of your eyes comes first, so when choosing prescription glasses the most important thing is that they help you and make you feel good on a day-to-day basis. Keep in mind that your glasses can become your hallmark so why not wear a modern model that follows the latest trends in prescription glasses? Not only will you be favored, but you will have a style that everyone will recognize.

Being an accessory that you will always carry with you, we recommend that you choose a style of glasses that favors the features of your face, make you feel safe and adapt to your tastes. Find out what are the trends in prescription glasses in 2023 and if they follow the trends in glasses of the year.

tendencias en gafas graduadas

Trends in prescription glasses for this 2023

In this 2023 the biggest trends in prescription glasses are glasses inspired by the extra large style of the 70s and 80s. Thin and metallic frames, oversize shapes markedly geometric, in colors… They are styles and designs that you will also see in the trends of sunglasses this year, because they have liked a lot for all types of glasses.

There is a wide variety of glasses where you can choose whether you are a man or a woman, and you have the opportunity to always go to the last. We discover some of the trends highlighted for this year! But remember: you should always choose your style taking into account the tone of your skin and your features to always make sure you choose a model that favors you 100%.

Oversize metal prescription glasses

This style of glasses has more and more followers, and is that its metal frame and thin thickness favors both men and women. This year follows the trend of the extra large format, with hexagonal, round, butterfly-shaped and square shapes. In addition, beyond the typical silver color of each year and that marks the trends in prescription glasses of each year, this 2023 the frames in pink colors stand out.

This type of glasses are reminiscent of the 70s and 80s while bringing a totally current style to your look, like this Ray-ban RX 6489 2501 55 silver model.

Transparent prescription glasses

More and more brands choose to include in their catalogs all kinds of models of glasses with transparent frames. And it is that with this colorless style no matter what your skin tone or hair color is, it favors at all times and as an extra can be combined with any color and style of clothing.

Transparent framed glasses like the Polaroid PLD D379 900, will give you an original, fun and harmonious touch.

gafas transparentes

Colored prescription glasses

If you opt for colored frame glasses you should take into account the tone of your skin and the color of your hair, since there will be more or less flattering colors. If you know how to take advantage of the color of your glasses you will get a look of the most flattering.

You can choose between a frame of discreet colors or bright colors, and even dare with a striking and original two-tone frame like the one presented in the new BeÕ glasses collection. You can choose from all kinds of colors from the most discreet to the most daring such as fluorine tones and also frames with all kinds of prints.

Prescription glasses with extra-thin frames

The most discreet can opt for a classic normal-size model of extra-thin frame prescription glasses, ideal for day to day, they will give you personality without being especially striking.

This 2023 highlights the frames in light, gold and pink colors. In addition, it is curious, because reading glasses are those that are usually associated with these types of glasses frames, but it is increasingly common to see them as prescription glasses of everyday life.

Classic vintage style prescription glasses

With vintage-inspired glasses you will always give off elegance and style. The most iconic vintage models encompass a wide variety of glasses: both extra-thin and prescription glasses with a very thick frame.

There are models of retro glasses that will never go out of style such as the iconic original aviator Rayban design, through the cat eye prescription glasses with aroma of the 50s and 60s, or the round prescription glasses in the purest bohemian style of John Lennon. In a matter of glasses, returning to the past is always a success.

gafas cat eye

These are some trends in prescription glasses that we propose from Optics, although the most important thing is always to follow your own style. We have a large catalog of all kinds of glasses where you can choose the ones that best suit you and your tastes.

Always keep in mind that depending on your features some models and styles will favor you more, so we are willing to advise you and help you find the perfect combination of glasses according to your face and your style. Take your time to see all our models and thus choose the trend of prescription glasses suitable for you.

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Your prescription glasses will accompany you on a day-to-day basis and the most important thing is that you feel comfortable with them. If you choose the right model they can also become your best fashion accessory.