What color of glasses to choose and how to do it?

Are you undecided because you don’t know what color of glasses to choose? The time will have come to change the prescription glasses you have worn so far and that also means choosing a new color of glasses that gives you a renewed air. It does not help to choose a new frame of the same shade, and it will always be better to vary the color of the glasses and leave your comfort zone a little. Remember that in addition to choosing the most flattering tone for your new glasses you should also take into account the glasses according to the shape of your face that will best fit you.

In Optics & University Audiology we do not want choosing the color of glasses to be a challenge and that is why we are going to offer you a few tips that will help you find the color of glasses that will best favor you.

chica con color de gafas negras

Tips for choosing the color of your glasses

The color of glasses that we wear has to add to our look and can help us enhance certain features of our face and hide those that we do not like so much. And precisely the large number and variety of shades that exist in the market will facilitate this task. To make it even easier for you to find your favorite color of glasses, we recommend that you take note of the following recommendations:

  1. Try to create a flattering contrast between your skin tone and the color of glasses you choose. The contrasts are always beautiful and highlight your face.
  1. Take into consideration when you are going to wear them. If you are only going to wear them to work, it will probably be better to choose a discreet and formal tone, but if you are going to wear them throughout the day, both for work and to go out with your friends, you can introduce some nuance that gives you a more casual touch.
  1. Choose first which type of glasses frame you prefer. If you like colorful designs, you should know that glasses with pasta frame leave more room for creativity to design frames that mix several shades. Glasses with metal frame, on the other hand, are thinner and do not usually combine as many colors.
  1. Research trends in glasses to find out what color glasses are worn the most. This way you will ensure that you are offering the highest quality of vision to your sight and that at the same time you will always be up to date.

Choose according to skin tone

As we have said, skin tone will be one of the factors that will most influence when deciding on one color of glasses or another. Why? Well, very simple, because skin tone allows us to play between more or less dark tones that can be decisive to create the perfect harmony we seek in the face of each person.

Color of glasses for brown skin

If you have brown skin we recommend that you choose shades such as havana, brown or gold.

Color of glasses for white skin

People with very white skin should opt for more neutral tones, because if light colors are chosen it can be an unflattering combination.

Color of glasses for dark skin

All those people who have a rather golden complexion will find in soft colors a very flattering combination. We talk about pink, light blue, white or cream.

gafas color havana

Choose according to your look

Choosing the color of glasses according to someone’s style of dressing may seem very subjective, but there are certain considerations that can help you decide the color of glasses you are going to wear.

As we have said, the look you wear to go to work will not be the same as to go out with your friends, so the color of glasses should be consistent with the environment in which you move. Therefore, it is important that either you choose a color of glasses suitable for the environment in which you are going to wear them, or you look for a model of glasses that allows you to wear them wherever you go.

Calm because the fact that you are going to work with them does not mean that you can not wear an original color of glasses. For example, if you are going to wear them only to use the computer when you go to work, but you want to escape from the typical black, white and brown frames, there are beige, bronze, gold and even blue frames, which are ideal to go this environment, since they are formal without being boring.

On the other hand, if you want to use them both for work and for your leisure time, you can risk a little more and opt for more cheerful and lively gradients. You can include a red or orange gradient on the rods or combine a dark tone in the frame of the glasses with a more vivid one on the rods. In our online store you will find many different options that you can customize to your liking.

Choose according to your hair

Your hair can be a factor that helps you decide between one color of glasses or another, since you will be more favored with depending on what colors according to the color of your hair.

Color of glasses for brown and dark hair

If you have brown or dark hair and until now you wore a color of prescription glasses or sunglasses that did not convince you, you can try to wear more intense tones that give personality to your face, such as maroon or red.

Color of glasses for white and gray hair

The color of glasses that is most flattering for people with gray or white hair is gray. Lighter tones such as sky blue or silver also feel very good.

Color of glasses for blonde hair

Blonde hair usually combines the color of glasses with light tones that bring that sweetness to the face, like any of the pastel tones such as pink.

Choose according to your personality

Perhaps the answer of the color of glasses that most favors you is simpler than you imagine and you just have to ask yourself what you want to convey with them on.

For example, if you want to transmit joy and vitality a very good option are red frames.

Green is a color that is chosen to convey a fresh and youthful air, as well as lilac, which is associated with a regenerating and refreshing style. On the other hand, if what you want to convey is discretion and simplicity, you can bet on classic colors such as black, havana or gray, which have a more neutral character.

Do you already know what color of glasses you are going to choose? We have already explained which options would suit you best, so now you have the last word. Do not hesitate to visit our online store, where you will discover the wide range of colors that we have in Optics store

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