Sunglasses Trends 2023

Sunglasses are an essential accessory, especially in the summer months since they not only help us protect ourselves from the sun, but they can radically change our look and raise it to a new dimension much more original. This 2023 the trends in sunglasses are loaded with color and joy, to face the day to day with the best smile and protection of your eyes.

We tell you the new trends in sunglasses of 2023 so you can choose the ones that best suit you and your personality. Attentive!

tendencias en gafas de sol

What are fashionable sunglasses?

The year 2023 arrives with great force in terms of eyewear trends, since it appears after a rare time in which sunglasses have not been able to show off as we would have liked. That’s why people are more eager to show off new sunglasses this year and dazzle more than the sun.

In the same way that there are certain trends in prescription glasses for day to day, today we discover what are the trends in sunglasses that will mark our year 2023. There are all kinds, with more or less thick frames, of different shapes … But, above all, what stands out this year in the trends and in the fashionable sunglasses are the different types of crystals that create the glasses themselves: photochromotic, polarized, mirror …

Discover the latest trends in sunglasses and choose yours!

Photochromic sunglasses

If you want to bet on the latest fashion, youthful and striking we recommend photochromic sunglasses with brightly colored lenses such as pink, yellow or orange or green tones. They are models specially inspired by the return to the colorful trends of the 90s and early 00s, you can choose from all kinds of frames, from thin and metallic to complete frames with pasta sunglasses.

In addition, because of the quality of vision they offer you can use them for sports. Dare with one of the most groundbreaking trends for this 2023, such as the Rayban Round metal RB with silver rim and original orange crystals.

Mirrored sunglasses

For some years now, sunglasses with mirror lenses have been a trend year after year. Not only are they a very modern and striking type of glasses, but they offer you the greatest sun protection for your eyes.

The light rays bounce off its surface due to the chemical treatment given to the lenses to obtain the mirrored finish, which is why most models of sports glasses have this finish, gives total protection from light and provide the best vision. There are mirrored sunglasses for all tastes. Do you choose yours? Sign up for one of the coolest sunglasses trends!

gafas de sol espejo

Extra-large sunglasses

They are an essential model among the most popular celebrities, and is that, in addition to providing protection and discretion, they are synonymous with style. The trend in extra-large glasses comes in all kinds of shapes: round, square, hexagonal, butterfly … And it also includes all kinds of frames, such as these maxis glasses in Havana BeO S134 C3 color.

Being large they cover a large part of the cheekbones and especially favor wider faces. Get your extra-large glasses and feel like a star.

Aviator sunglasses

Aviator-style sunglasses are a totally timeless classic that feels equally good to both men and women, such as the mythical gold-rimmed unisex model Ray-Ban Aviator Classic RB. It is one of the best options to not give up the style with better UV protection.

Another reason why they are so popular is that due to their design they stylize all kinds of faces. So, if you are looking for glasses according to your face, in this case you will only have to choose the tone that best suits you and you will be prepared for everything with these all-terrain glasses that set the trends in sunglasses year after year.

gafas de sol aviador

Cat eye sunglasses

Another classic that always endures are the elegant cat eye style glasses. In this 2023 the updated cat eye style redesign of more elongated frames and inspired by urban culture is carried out. It’s up to you! Cat eye glasses in the purest vintage style such as the Gucci GG 0257S 001 model or a more modern version such as the Kypers Casandra CS005 model in pink Havana.

These are some trends in sunglasses that we propose from Optics and University Audiology, although the most important thing is to opt for quality models that have a good sunscreen and the maximum guarantee of protection. We have a large catalog of all kinds of sunglasses where you can choose different styles, from the most classic to the latest developments that star in trends in sunglasses.

Remember that each face is different and that is why some models will favor you more than others that at first may attract your attention. In Optics & University Audiology we will be happy to advise you and help you find the sunglasses that best suit you and fit your style. You can take a look at our extensive catalog and choose the trends in sunglasses that you like the most.

Your sunglasses will accompany you on many occasions and it is essential that you feel comfortable with them, in addition to being able to become an indispensable fashion accessory. We invite you to discover all the trends in sunglasses for 2023 that you have at your fingertips in our Optics & University Audiology stores so that your look has the look and protection it deserves.

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