And if you are one of those who always want to go to the last, in Optics we are always aware of the latest trends in glasses and we will help you choose the glasses most faithful to your style.

tendencias gafas

What are the fashion glasses in 2023?

Although we may like a specific type of glasses we always have to think about the shapes and colors that favor our facial features. From there we have a whole world of possibilities to choose from, since 2023 comes loaded with trends in glasses for all tastes.

Trends in prescription glasses

In addition to improving your eyesight, prescription glasses can become your hallmark. There are countless styles of frames and materials to choose from, but do not worry, we have selected for you the trends of prescription glasses in 2023, with great inspiration in the 70s and 80s, with geometric shapes and large size of their frames, made with all kinds of modern and more traditional materials.

hombre con gafas graduadas
  • Bicolor frame glasses: our exclusive brand of BeÕ glasses is committed to a style of two-tone frame prescription glasses. Pasta glasses that combine two colors, half of one color and half of another. Because not everything is black or white in this life! With a two-tone frame you will have an original touch that will not leave anyone indifferent.
  • Metal-rimmed glasses: Metal glasses can be very versatile and take all kinds of shapes. The most daring play with the basic shapes and oversize size, you can opt for round glasses or square rimmed glasses, or choose the classic aviator glasses. The bigger the more extra style!
  • Acetate rim glasses (or paste): as for pasta glasses, classic frame types such as cat eye or geometric glasses are also popular. They are one of the most popular frames as they give off style and personality. They favor all kinds of faces and provide elegance, such as the men’s model Ray-Ban 5283 21444 in marbled Havana color
  • Half-frame glasses: models of half-frame glasses and even air-framed glasses are always a comfortable and lightweight choice that is perfect for day to day, if you are looking for a discreet and balanced style is what you are looking for. In addition, this style favors all types of faces.
  • Transparent framed glasses: transparent glasses are always a good option for those looking for an unusual and more artistic appearance, such as the Polaroid PLD381900 model that are ideal for the most daring.

Trends in sunglasses

As much as the years go by, retro and vintage-inspired models are always a trend in terms of sunglasses, if a style works and is flattering … Why change? Of course, the big brands are always striving to update these designs with totally surprising and modern results. Don’t miss any news in sunglasses trends in 2023.

pareja con gafas de sol
  • Futuristic sunglasses: the style of futuristic sunglasses is one of the most risky, oversize square style and all kinds of colors do not go unnoticed. They are a must have that big brands like Tommy Hilfger already have a wide selection in their catalog
  • Cat eye sunglasses: a classic that remains by our side every summer since the 50s marking one of the trends in the most mythical glasses. Now cat eye sunglasses have updated versions more inspired by the nineties and urban culture, such as this striking model of the Kypers CASANDRA CS004 brand.
  • Round sunglassesa style of glasses that is also vintage-inspired and one of the favorite models of celebrities since they can cover our cheekbones in their extra-large versions. Never have glasses provided so much discretion with so much style and personality.
  • Photochromic sunglassesThe models of photochromic sunglasses are specific for outdoor use and for those who want to play sports. Its photochromic lenses adapt according to the light in each place to have optimal visibility at all times.

Are you looking for a model of glasses that sets trends in 2023? Here you have a small sample of everything you are going to take, if you want to know more models and find the glasses that best suit your style do not hesitate to contact us and visit our Optics stores. We have more than 45 centers spread throughout Spain, where our team can advise you on which style of glasses can best suit you.

In addition, if you already have it clear, in our online store of Optics & University Audiology we have the best selection of brands with designs for all tastes, now you have the opportunity to be the one who sets the trends in glasses! Do not hesitate and choose your new sunglasses to wear this season.