Best glasses for bald people: Tips and advice for choosing your glasses

Baldness affects many people, but especially men from a certain age. Other people choose to wear a shaved style. Of course, it’s nothing to be ashamed of and confidently worn can be as sexy as a thick mane.

Of course, just like the case of having a lot of hair, being bald is one of those characteristics that will make some accessories feel better than others. For example, glasses. Obviously, the absence of hair will make some of the characteristics of your face stand out and ralph lauren clearance uk is here to help you choose the glasses that best suit you.

Do not miss our tips to choose the best glasses for bald people:

Factors to consider when choosing glasses for bald people

As we have said, being bald there will be certain characteristics of your face that stand out more than if they were framed by the hair. The size of your forehead, the roundness or angularity of your features, the size of your eyes or even the tone of your skin.

All these are factors that you must take into account if you want to choose the glasses that best suit you.

The elements to which you will have to pay special attention are:

  • Your skin tone
  • The structure of your face
  • Your visual need
  • Your personal style

Choose glasses for bald people according to skin color

Knowing what your exact skin tone is can be a bit tricky, but for the purpose of choosing a flattering prescription glasses color for bald people, a distinction into three skin types is enough: Light, medium and dark.

  • Paler skins feel especially good earth colors and darker tones. Glasses with a unicolor frame in black, brown or even maroon, will highlight your look and direct attention to your eyes. If you prefer, you can also opt for frames with patterns such as the classic Havana in dark tone.
  • For medium-tone skins, we recommend daring with bright colors. Red, green or blue are colors that make a nice contrast with your skin and also transmit a fun personality. Although you are lucky that, with this skin tone, almost any color you choose will suit you well.
  • Por último, las pieles más oscuras se ven muy favorecidas si se opta por monturas metálicas o por colores pálidos. Como sucede con las pieles claras, utilizar estas tonalidades hace que los ojos queden destacados, centrando la atención en esa zona. También son muy interesantes las monturas de pasta transparentes.
Samuel L. Jackson con gafas para calvos
Samuel L. Jackson sabe cómo llevar unas gafas de pasta transparente muy favorecedoras

Estos consejos están pensados para aprovechar las características de tu piel y sacarles el máximo partido, pero por supuesto eso no significa que no puedas optar por tus colores favoritos independientemente de tu tono de piel.

Choose glasses according to your face

This is a very important factor when choosing the best glasses for bald people. Many people use their haircut to bring balance to their features, so paying attention to the shape of their face is not as necessary.

However, in the event that you are bald, the shape and features of your face are, so to speak, pure. This is why choosing your glasses according to the shape of your face is crucial to bring that balance we always seek when our goal is to get the most out of it and choose the glasses that best suit you.

Since this is a topic that we have already dealt with in detail on other occasions, we give you a brief summary:

  • If your features are angular (for example, diamond-shaped faces or squares) rounded frame glasses will be the most favorable to you. Opt for round glasses or oval glasses so that the curves of the glasses soften the straight lines of your features.
  • On the other hand, if your face is rather curved or oval, rectangular glasses or square glasses are the most appropriate for you.
  • If you have an elongated face and the lack of hair gives you the appearance of having it even longer, you should opt for large glasses that occupy a good part of your face. That way, the glasses will help counteract the elongating effect.
  • Likewise, if your face is smallglasses with a smaller caliber will fit you better.
  • For pear-shaped faces (the chin area is wider than the forehead) aviator glasses or browline glasses will help balance that difference in size between chin and forehead.
Shemar Moore with glasses for bald people
Look how handsome Shemar Moore is with his rectangular glasses for his heart face

Choose glasses according to your visual need

Another important factor to consider when choosing the best glasses for bald (and for anyone) is to take into account your visual needs. Lenses for low myopia are not the same as glasses for very high myopia. In the second case the lenses are thicker and therefore the frame of the glasses must have more specific characteristics to be able to hide that thickness and the effect of widening or dwarfing they have on your eyes.

Glasses for bald people according to your personal style

Of course, all these tips for choosing glasses for bald people are just a guide. In the end, the most important thing is that you choose the glasses with which you look better.

Glasses are an accessory that can give you a completely different look according to their shape, color and size. Some glasses will give you a more academic air while others can externalize an overwhelming and creative personality. That’s why you should also choose those that match your style the most.

Although if you ask us we will tell you that, if you wear them with confidence, any type of glasses will sit you scared and, if you do not believe it, look at Stanley Tucci.

We hope that these tips to choose the best glasses for bald have been useful and that when you choose your next glasses you find the perfect model for you.

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