Brad Pit’s glasses on Bullet Train: get these Police sunglasses

Brad Pitt is an actor who throughout his career has always been characterized by wearing an impeccable style. And this aspect also extends to his taste for sunglasses.

Over the years the American actor has worn sunglasses and prescription glasses of different brands that have become references for many people who seek to imitate his style and bearing.

Recently, Brad Pitt has starred in the movie Bullet Train in which he also sports some characteristic prescription glasses that are causing a furor.

Do you want to know what they are and where to get them? Don’t stop reading.

The movie Bullet Train with Brad Pitt

The film is an action story mixed with comedy, from the director of Deadpool 2 and John Wick so you can expect many scenes of hand-to-hand fights that will employ comic and even absurd elements with great skill.

Brad Pitt plays a hitman with very bad luck and eager to retire who has to fulfill one last mission on a Japanese bullet train that takes him from Tokyo to Morioka. His goal is complicated when he encounters four other assassins with individual missions that turn out to be related to his own.

Brad Pitt’s character wears in many scenes of the film prescription glasses with black paste frame that are attracting a lot of attention and setting trends.

Bradt Pitt en un fotograma de su nueva película Bullet Train llevando gafas graduadas de Police
Brad Pitt wearing Police glasses in the movie Bullet Train

Police Eyewear and Bullet Train

The glasses worn by Brad Pitt in the movie Bullet Train are a model of the Police Eyewear brand.

Police glasses are part of the brand of the house De Rigo, which emerged in 1983, a time when absolutely all your choices, from your taste in music to your choice in glasses, said something about you and your personality.

Police has always sought to combine attitude and audacity with practicality, characteristics that can also be applied to the style that actor Brad Pitt usually demonstrates in his personal life.

Inspired by bold and authentic personalities, Police’s glasses soon achieved great recognition. The brand has managed to reinvent itself throughout its history and has a long history of collaborations with action films such as Batman Vs Superman (2016), Justice League (2017), Men in Black: International (2019) and The Batman (2022).

The most recent collaboration is the film Bullet Train, starring actor Brad Pitt.

Police colabora con la película Bullet Train
La película Bullet Train en colaboración con Police Eyewear

Cómo son las gafas que lleva Brad Pitt en Bullet Train

El modelo de gafas de Police Eyewear que luce el actor en la película son las Origins Bullet 1.

Las Origins Bullet 1 se distinguen por un estilo muy reconocible, reminiscente de las colecciones de la marca Police durante los años 90. Uno de los detalles que hacen que las gafas Origins Bullet 1 un modelo con personalidad única es la pequeña placa metálica colocada en la parte superior del puente que les da un toque distintivo.

Gafas graduadas Origins Bullet 1 de Police
Police Origins Bullet 1 prescription glasses

On the other hand, you can find this model in a wide variety of colors if black is not your thing. Two of the variations are semi-transparent and allow you to guess the basic structure of the pickups under the frame.

It is a prescription glasses with a lot of personality and character. With a complete paste frame made of handmade black acetate with embossed details. The choice of black makes it easier for them to be combined with great ease and to bring character and expressiveness to any style of dress. If you like to choose glasses according to the color of your hair, you should know that black combines well with any shade.

If you are looking for your glasses according to the shape of your face, you should know that Brad Pitt’s Origins Bullet 1 have the square frame. This type of design can be worn with any type of face, but it will be especially flattering on round, oval or heart-shaped faces.

The most important details to make sure that Brad Pitt’s glasses in Bullet Train will fit your face like a ring to the finger are the measurements of its rods (145mm), bridge (20mm) and lens size (52x40mm).

Don’t need to wear prescription glasses, but still want to feel like Brad Pitt in Bullet Train? Do not worry because you can also opt for a model with sunglasses.

Gafas de sol Origins Bullet 1
Sunglasses Origins Bullet 1

Celebrity sunglasses often create a trend. Who doesn’t like to have the same look as a movie or music star? The best thing about Brad Pitt’s glasses in Bullet Train is that they feature a versatile design that can be worn successfully on any occasion.

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