Building games have become for decades a worship for children of all generations. Colored wooden blocks, create objects with lego pieces or shaped cubes. Lego has become for years the best gift for little engineers. These toys not only amuse and entertain them but also help them create objects with their own hands.

The game has a very important role within the childhood of children since it helps them to stimulate and enhance all skills and abilities, reaching the integral development of children. That is why, many parents try to make children have as much play time as possible, in order to explore and develop their abilities to the fullest.


Children have changed their interests and the way they play over the years, but they still enjoy building games. While they still love Lego-type toys, new proposals are emerging that help them build their own computer or learn basic notions of robotics. Over the years new technologies have been applied to the construction toys of yesteryear and create new universes for children.

Toys should always stimulate children‘s skills and propose constant challenges to the little ones in the house. If you notice that your child is interested in building buildings or objects with different pieces do not hesitate and encourage him to play with this type of products. If from a young age they learn basic notions of engineering thanks to their toys, when they are older they will appreciate it.

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