Glasses according to the color of your hair: How to decide the perfect color?

We have already told you how to choose glasses according to the shape of your face, what are the best glasses for bald and also what are the best glasses for high myopia and we hope they have been useful to choose the shape of your glasses. But today we are going to focus on colors and choose glasses according to the color of your hair.

If you are one of those people who prefer to follow the trends in prescription glasses and always wear the latest trends in sunglasses, this article may not be for you.

gafas según el color de tu cabello

But if you are looking for the perfect glasses for your look and now that you know what shape you want them to have you need to choose the color and you need help, then do not stop reading.

How to Choose the Perfect Eyewear Color

The options are so many that choosing glasses according to the color of your hair can be a somewhat complicated task. Especially if you are not sure what shades to start trying. These are our recommendations:

  • Glasses for black hair

Black hair is especially good with frames of glasses of saturated colors, such as blue, red or green. Depending on whether the shade of your hair is warmer or colder, you will get different effects. Bluish-black hair can benefit greatly from reddish glasses to balance features. On the contrary, we recommend avoiding frames of muted or gray tones, because you will only be able to give your look a tristón.

  • Glasses for warm brown hairs

If you like metal frames, you have the perfect hair color to wear bronze-colored frames. Unless you have more tanned or dark skin, pale glasses frames won’t do you many favors. Opt for dark and warm tones that will highlight the tones of your hair, such as mahogany or purple.

  • Glasses for cold brown hair

If, on the other hand, your hair is brown with cold tones, pink glasses can be the contrast that your face needs to stand out and have a very interesting appearance. Cool blues, light browns and dark greens will also be very flattering. In terms of metal frames, the aged gold color is a sure hit.

  • Glasses for red hair

Regardless of whether it is a more intense and warm redhead or more towards orange tones, green is the best ally of red-haired people. Being a cold color in contrast to warm hair tone, green glasses frames bring a lot of harmony to the face. If you want to give it a little interest you can try a military pattern.

Blue colors also work well (for the same reason as greens: they are cold tones) or neutral tones such as cream (although be careful with these if your skin is very pale.)

  • Glasses for warm blonde hair

People with warm blonde hair (golden highlights, honey or bronze) feel great glasses with reddish frames in any of their variations such as coral or peach tone. It is also very flattering the brown tone or even a warm green.

  • Glasses for cool blonde hair

Ash blonde or platinum hair works in a much more flattering way combined with intense and striking tones that contrast with the paleness of hair. In this case, our recommendation is to opt for black, pink or blue, always saturated and avoid at all costs the golden or yellow tones, which will give a feeling of oxidation of the face and hair.

  • Glasses for gray hair

There are no better glasses for gray hair than those that have a frame of vibrant colors that contrast with the lack of hair color. Avoid browns and yellows, which will give you a somewhat bland and boring look and dare with red, turquoise or burgundy glasses.

  • Glasses for fantasy colored hair

Choosing glasses according to the color of your hair, when it is fantasy color, can be more complicated because the possibilities are endless depending on the effect you are looking for. The color wheel will be your great ally. You can use it to choose glasses according to the color of your hair with more success.

Color wheel

Although color theory is very complex, we hope this image helps you understand why you look better with some colors than others and how you can combine them. The opposite colors on the wheel will create a greater contrast with your hair while the closest ones will give a more homogeneous feeling on your face.

If, on the other hand, you are one of those people who change the color of their hair on a regular basis, perhaps opting for black glasses is the most appropriate option. Black combines well with all colors, is elegant and eye-catching and sure to make you look great, whether your color is pastel or intense.

These are our recommendations for choosing glasses according to the color of your hair. We hope they have been useful to you and that you are closer than ever to choosing your perfect glasses. Surely you can find them in Optics & University Audiology online.

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