Ray-Ban Stories: discover the brand’s most technological glasses

It’s time to look up again with Ray-Ban and its first technological glasses: Ray-Ban Stories. The brand introduces a new way to capture, share and listen, and you’ll love knowing that we have their models available in our physical stores.

These technological glasses from Ray-Ban have three different models and eight different lens options. In Optics we have them for you.

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How do Ray-Ban Stories work?

Ray-Ban Stories sunglasses will protect you from the sun’s rays like traditional sunglasses, but they have the addition of having the latest technology on the market to keep you connected at all times. These Ray-Ban sunglasses allow you to effortlessly live and capture unique life moments and share your story with everyone.

They do it thanks to their added functionalities together with Meta, Facebook business group, WhatsApp and Instagram among other applications.

The glasses have a camera for photos and videos, Facebook assistant and hands-free audio so you can listen to music and make calls easily. With the Facebook View app, you can edit your glasses’ camera captures to create unique content and share directly to your favorite social channels. All this with your sunglasses!

How to take pictures with Ray-Ban Stories glasses?

Ray-Ban Stories offers you an exclusive experience to capture the most special moments of your life while staying fully present and immersed as they happen. Imagine an outdoor concert this summer… You don’t have to take out your phone to take photos or record the event if you have your Ray-Ban Stories glasses!

In addition, they do not have to be always on. The glasses have a power button that will tell you if they are operational at the time you see the green dot. Once you see it, you can take 30-second photos or videos in two different ways with the 5MP dual HD camera.

You can do this manually with the capture button on the rod or hands-free. To do it manually, you have to press and hold the button and you will take a photo and press once to make a video. In the case of wanting to use the hands-free mode, you will have to activate the voice commands in the Facebook assistant and order it to take the photos: “Hey, Facebook, take a photo”.

With the intention of maintaining people’s privacy, a sound will notify when a photo is being taken and also when a video begins and ends; And an LED light will tell others when you take a photo or video.

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Listen to music and make calls with Ray-Ban Stories

Similarly, these sunglasses have open speakers on the rods of the frame, which will make you enjoy your music while paying attention to what surrounds you. They are perfect if you are looking for sports glasses, but do not want to lose the essence of having Ray-Ban sunglasses.

Speakers are designed to direct sounds to your ear, but calls, messages, or music can be heard by other people depending on the volume level and amount of noise around you.

You can also opt for manual management or through the Facebook assistant with the same voice command. If you’re listening to music, you can tap once to play or pause, twice to skip to the next song, and three to go back to the previous track. To adjust the volume, you just have to slide your finger on the pin of the glasses, and to take calls, double tap to take the call or hang it up and press and hold to reject it.

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Ray-Ban Stories Models

The brand has adapted three of its most classic models to new technology to create its Ray-Ban Stories glasses. You can enjoy this technology in three designs that we associate with the brand and that you have available in several colors: black, blue, brown, gray and olive green.

  • Ray-Ban Wayfarer
  • Ray-Ban Meteor
  • Ray-Band Round

Whichever model you choose, Ray-Ban Stories includes a charging case and Type-C charging cable. You can charge your glasses at home, but every time you store them in their case, they will be charged so that they are ready at any time.

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Where to buy Ray-Ban Stories

We have models of these new Ray-Ban Stories technological glasses in several of our Optics & University Audiology stores, where you can test the glasses before buying your favorite model. Although this product does not apply any discounts, you can enjoy our experience and professionalism to help you choose your first technological glasses.

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