Today’s children are constantly with video game consoles, tablets and smartphones. It is increasingly difficult to see children playing in the streets to the games of a lifetime. Good habits begin to be lost and with them some more classic games with which we have spent hours and hours having fun.

Although there are many children who prefer video games and screens to entertain themselves, there are popular and traditional games that have been passed down from generation to generation, because they are simple and fun activities that are part of the children’s tradition.

Most of these entertainments can be played anywhere and on any occasion. Popular games are based on skills such as agility, dexterity or speed, which contributes to the physical development of children that allows them to foster values such as friendship, teamwork and healthy competition.

Ralphlaurenclearanceuk wants to share with you the most popular games, so that your children also have great fun. Stay tuned to the games we bring you, because they are to play as a family!

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The game of chairs

One of the most common popular games for children at children’s parties is the famous “chair game”. It is a very fun game in which children dance to the rhythm of the music, while spinning around the chairs, and then sit on them once the music stops. The challenge of the game is that the number of chairs available is less than the number of participants, so there will always be one outside.

Prisoner balloon

Prisoner ball is one of the most fun popular games to play as a team. It is an activity that is usually practiced a lot during physical education classes at school and although it is not a sport, the prisoner ball game requires certain skills and abilities that will develop their physical abilities.

The blind little hen

For this game you need a group of children, at least four, and a handkerchief. Then, from among the group we choose a child who will have to cover his eyes with the handkerchief and finally they will turn him around singing the following song: “Blind hen what you have missed a needle and a thimble turn around and you will find it”.

can be played individually, but for more fun it is recommended that there are two or more members of the game. A white chalk is taken and squares are drawn on the floor tiles and numbered from one to ten.

Then each child must take a small pebble and go throwing each number trying to get the stone inside that square because if not, it loses its turn and it is the turn of the next one. The first to reach ten wins.

Handkerchief game

Two teams are set up and one person stands in the center with his arm outstretched and a handkerchief in his hand. Each of the participants has a number. The person holding the handkerchief pronounces, aloud, one of those numbers and the two participants fight to arrive and try to “take away” the handkerchief from the neutral person and win him, stretching the contrary, although for this he must arrive, without the opponent catching him, to wrap himself with his companions.

The team that gets the scarf the most often is the winner.

In ralphlaurenclearanceuk as you know, we give great importance to playing as a family so we have a large selection of games, to enjoy from the smallest to the largest, all together.

Visit us and discover our entire universe of games!

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