Now that children start with their vacations, the days are longer and the weather accompanies spending more time outdoors we have to look for toys that suit their needs. Every summer toys star in their best moments, for this time there is a great selection from the most refreshing to the educational.

Several studies show that the time that children have to play outdoors has decreased by 70% in just one generation and that they spend 90% of their lives indoors. In Spain alone, 9 out of 10 parents recognize that their children play much less outdoors than they did when they were children.

Do not forget that play is a necessary activity to learn essential skills in life. Without games, children cannot achieve a complete education. That’s why for this summer toy store has made a selection of toys to be outdoors playing.

The design is one of the original points of this “beach cube” Ballo Verde Quut is the first sphere shaped beach cube. Thanks to this form the water does not spill so easily.Screenshot 2018-06-15 at 14.03.00

And we have another prepared waterproof but this time to play as a family. The Jungle Speed Beach is the most fun game to spend your days at the beach or the pool. The cards and totem are made of plastic Water resistant! You can play from 2 to 10 players so you can get together a large group of friends or family.



Crafts are always a good alternative to distract the little ones from the house by building and learning. Well, in this book we have 365 ideas of fun crafts One for each day of the year!


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