Music is an element that is present in our daily lives, so we can begin to transmit to children the interest in it from an early age. Through music we can help the little ones to develop countless physical and mental skills.

Music has many benefits for children. For example, dancing improves coordination, and learning to play an instrument helps them fine-tune psychomotricity. According to several studies, it has been shown that music is one of the best extracurricular activities, since it develops greater attention, ability to concentrate and patience.

Music does not understand ages and its incursion to the little ones can be done even during pregnancy, since babies perceive sounds. What is recommended by specialists is classical music that is very beneficial in its development.

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These are undoubtedly the great benefits of music for children:

According to experts, the child who lives in contact with music learns to live better with other children, establishing a more harmonious communication. Here are some of the main benefits of music for children:

Safety; It gives them emotional security and confidence, because they feel understood by sharing songs, and immersed in a climate of help, collaboration and mutual respect.

Learning; The child’s literacy stage is more stimulated by music. This is achieved through nursery rhymes, in which the syllables are rhymed and repetitive, and accompanied by gestures that are made when singing, the child improves his way of speaking and understanding the meaning of each word.


Concentration; Music is also beneficial for the child in terms of the power of concentration, in addition to improving their ability to learn in mathematics. In addition, it facilitates children to learn in other languages, thus enhancing their memory.

Body language; With music, the child’s body expression is more stimulated, enhancing the rhythmic control of his body. Through music, the child can improve his coordination and combine a series of behaviors.

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