Who said fear? We know that the transition from kindergarten to school is a big change, it is a very important event for your child. Fear of the unknown and one’s own separation can hinder the process of adaptation. Therefore, we bring you a series of tips that will help you both to face it successfully.

It’s been two years since our little one started his life in the school environment. A stage begins for them in which everything will be new, the center, the classmates, the teachers, the routine… They discover a new world.


Not only are they the ones who suffer the change of routine, but for parents it also becomes a great challenge that they must face. That is why it is best to try to convey the idea that changes are something everyday throughout life and that they are not bad.

The first days of school are also difficult to face. The attitude of the parents here is decisive to help their children cope with this change as best as possible. It is very good that we talk to our children at home, and that we dedicate time to prepare them, for the new experience that is to come, try to normalize this situation by considering it as something necessary and enriching for them.

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