Give sunglasses to your invisible friend

As always, December kicks off one of the most special times of the year. Despite how different this 2020 has turned out and the precautionary measures we must take for the Christmas holidays, it is inevitable to think with enthusiasm in the following weeks. Christmas is here … and it’s time to think about the gifts we will give to friends and family! If you are somewhat overwhelmed looking for gifts for Christmas Eve and Three Kings or you can not think of more ideas for the “invisible friend” … do not worry! From Optics we have the perfect idea: give sunglasses. Do you want to succeed with your gifts this Christmas? So… read on!

Why is giving sunglasses such a good idea?

When we think of the ideal Christmas gift, whatever the recipient, we imagine a gift that meets several conditions. It must be original but also practical, and if it is also customized to the taste of the recipient, better than better. Although we agree that it is not always easy to find gifts with these characteristics, the truth is that giving sunglasses meets all these aspects comfortably.

Sunglasses are useful all year round, since our eyes need to protect themselves against UV rays both during the summer and winter months. The uncomfortable glow of cloudy days, reflections on asphalt when driving, or the typical glare of snow or water can easily damage your eyes. All the more reason to be well protected with quality sunglasses!

However, in addition to practical, you surely also want your gift to fall in love with its aesthetics and originality. Fortunately, you will also find all this thanks to the large number of existing sunglasses models, where you can choose without any problems the perfect gift for that special someone.

The perfect gift for the invisible friend or for Christmas

Giving away sunglasses can solve your “invisible friend” this year. If you have touched a person you do not know too much, you can opt for classic models in more sober tones, perfect for not risking and getting it right. And if, on the other hand, your recipient is a person you know very well, you have many options to give him a pleasant surprise. And the same goes for Christmas gifts!

Another great advantage of choosing sunglasses as gifts from an invisible friend is that, thanks to the existing variety, you will have no trouble finding a model that fits your budget. On the other hand, do not hesitate: give sunglasses at Christmas if you want to surprise a relative. Full trend glasses for the most influential sister, aviator model glasses for the father-in-law fan of Top Gun or the coolest urban model for your brother-in-law. Endless options for all members of your family, regardless of age or tastes. This year’s gifts will be easier than ever!

Don’t decide? We recommend the ideal gift

If you have already decided that the protagonists of this Christmas will be gift glasses, but you have not yet chosen which ones, in University Optics we help you with this task. And we have put at your disposal a practical gift recommender, so that making gifts these holidays is easier than ever. The operation is very simple: you just have to choose between a few parameters -gender of the recipient, your budget, your favorite style and main hobby-, and we help you find the ideal product.

In addition, another advantage of using our gift recommender is that you can click directly on the products to go to their file and add them to the cart. So, in addition to the fact that it will be much easier for you to give sunglasses, you will benefit from the convenience of choosing the product online and making the purchase quickly. No queues and no leaving your home!

Give sunglasses with University Optics

In University Optics we want to give you all the possible facilities so that you can get your Christmas and invisible friend gifts right. Therefore, in addition to the gift recommenderwe have at your disposal a gift card, the perfect gift for those people with whom it is very difficult to get it right. In this way, they will be able to choose themselves what to spend the balance of the card on. And also, as if that were not enough, we have made a small selection of sunglasses for you to get ideas. Notes!

Wayfarer glasses, the infallible gift

If you want to give sunglasses, but want to get the model 100% right, Wayfarer sunglasses are a great option. These glasses are the best-selling model of the Ray-Ban brand, have been imitated ad nauseam and have been worn by infinite stars of cinema and music. Wayfarer glasses are the perfect model when you have doubts about the preferred style of the person to whom you are going to give the gift, but also when the recipient loves fashion and classic icons.

Glamorous and timeless sunglasses that you can choose in a discreet color -black lenses and frame-, in elegant bottle green tones or even with lenses in vibrant blues for those who prefer a more urban and modern touch. Don’t wait any longer, get your Wayfarer glasses exclusively at University Optics!

WayfarerPolaroid sunglasses, in addition to having a lot of very different and fashionable designs, are manufactured with UltraSight manufacturing technology, which incorporate a Polarized filter that allows optimal visibility. You can choose between sunglasses as youthful and cheerful as the Polaroid 4089 or opt for much more sober models, such as the Polaroid 6012.

Give prescription glasses

Another excellent option is to give away prescription sunglasses. In University Optics we have a very interesting promotion: you can buy beO glasses with solar prescription lenses for € 45. This Christmas, give prescription sunglasses at a great price and choosing from a wide range of frames: cat-eye, square, with prints, with gradient colors … you choose!

Find the perfect gift

In University Optics you will find great brands of sunglasses, such as Ray-Ban, Persol, Vogue or Tom Ford, all with extensive and varied catalogs with different models. If you want to browse between the different brands, you can use our search engine and filter by the shape of the frame: in this way, you will find only oval, square, round or any other sunglasses depending on the shape of the face of your recipient. The physiognomy is the key when it comes to getting sunglasses right!

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