The best running glasses

Sunglasses are an essential accessory in themselves, but even more so if it is running glasses, and you can not miss sunglasses in the attire of a good runner to be well protected every time you go running. The sun’s rays, the dust, the wind, the rain… All these factors can make it difficult to race to your destination if you do not carry the best running glasses with you. Has it ever happened to you?

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What are the best running glasses recommended for me?

If you are considering starting in the world of running or if you are already an expert, but you do not pay too much attention to the health of your eyes, we recommend that you take note to find the best running glasses.

It does not help that you wear the same glasses that you use to go to work or to go out with your friends, but they have to be specific running glasses that fit well to your face and with which you feel comfortable. That is, that the frame does not tighten you too much, that you can avoid fogging the glasses and that they allow you a good side vision.

Once you feel comfortable and light with them, you should not forget that the most important thing is that running glasses protect your eyes, one of the parts of your body that is most exposed when you go running outdoors. To be able to run with safety guarantees it is important that you take into consideration the material with which they are made, the type of lenses and their shape or the color of the crystals, very personalized adjustments that depend on the tastes and needs of each runner.

In Optics & University Audiology we show you a selection of the best running glasses, but remember that your choice will always depend on the type of running you are going to practice and the place where you do it.

Best Oakley Running Goggles

It is likely that if you want to start practicing this sport you will have many doubts about how the running glasses you choose should be and what characteristics they should have. Well, do not worry because in Optics & University Audiology we have a wide variety of the best running glasses, both for trail running and for running in the city. Among them, Oakley sunglasses will make you feel like a true running professional and at the same time you will have the assurance that you are well protected wherever you want to go running.

The definition of the image is extraordinary thanks to the Prizm technology of its lenses, since they increase contrast, define color and are designed for any type of environment or weather conditions, which improves performance. For a better definition of the environment you can choose different types of filters such as Prizm Road, Prizm Trail, Prizm Field or Prizm Daily Polarized.

The material of the O Matter frame is light, flexible, resistant and its enveloping design allows them not to move and offer maximum protection, and is that the design of the platelets makes them properly adhered to the face offering ventilation to prevent fogging.


Gafas fotocromáticas Oakley, una de las mejores gafas de running

These Oakleys are very versatile, since they allow you to adapt to the luminosity of the environment, they are comfortable and light and will guarantee you the feeling of security you are looking for for any environment you are going to run, so they will adapt to any adversity of the weather.

The most remarkable thing about these Oakleys is that they are photochromic glasses. If you are wondering what photochromic glasses are, we remind you that they are those that have lenses that adapt to the day you make. If there is a lot of light, your lenses will darken to protect you from the sun’s rays, while, if you go for a run on a cloudy day, your lenses will become clearer. Without a doubt, this is an advantage to take into account, since you can forget about putting on and taking off your glasses depending on the sun you make. Therefore, they are considered one of the best running glasses.

OAKLEY SUTRO OO 9406 940608

Modelo de gafas Oakley Sutro con cristal de espejo Iridium

The Sutro model is designed for an urban environment and, without forgetting the protection of your eyes, the OAKLEY OO 9406 940608 can be the best running glasses for you. Its lenses with Prizm Road have a mirrored treatment in the outer layer of the glass that allows to reflect the light, and we can find it both with Iridium red mirror or with Jade green mirror.

This is not only useful because it prevents intense light from entering directly into your eyes, but it will also protect you from reflections that occur on surfaces such as sand, water or asphalt.

Gafas de running Oakley Sutro Lite

In addition, the crystals with the color base improve the contrast and you can enjoy the colors of the city in detail. You will set trends and also offer your eyes the quality of the best running glasses. If you want an option that is even lighter, you will find the Oakley Sutro Lite OO 9463 06 glasses with semi-air frame and even the Sutro S for smaller faces.

OAKLEY Jawbreaker 00 9290 05

Modelo gafas de running Oakley Jawbreaker

These Jawbreaker with pink mirror and Prizm Road technology have already become one of the best running glasses because they offer maximum definition and relaxed vision thanks to lens technology.

It is a complete frame that adapts perfectly and is well attached to the face and, in addition, you should not worry about fogging up while practicing sports because the ventilation in the lenses prevents this from happening. Undoubtedly, the Jawbreaker is one of the most popular models among professional runners.

Best running glasses from Eassun

Eassun sunglasses for running provide the athlete with the confidence that he wears the best running glasses in his eyes. They are characterized by being very light and adjust to the face of each runner in any environment, so you can be sure that they will not fall with sudden and intense movements.


Model running glasses Eassun Challenge

The EASSUN CHALLENGE 59002 is the classic model of running glasses that will fit with what you need. They are such an economical option that you will no longer have an excuse not to give your eyes the protection they need when you go for a run.

They are light and comfortable, something essential in running glasses, but they have also taken into account the curvature of the lenses on the side to provide a complete vision that is not hindered by the frame.

They also have lenses of a very intense blue color and mirror crystals, so everyone will look at you, but no one will be able to see your gaze. This is because mirror lenses are designed with a reflective layer that prevents the crystals from becoming transparent.

Best Nike running glasses

Nike sunglasses models for running are characterized by the wide variety of colors and models. However, they all share the lightness and comfort expected of running glasses, ready to help you achieve your goals and the challenges you set for yourself.


Modelo gafas de running Nike Windshield

This design is designed to offer the greatest comfort and visibility for the runner. The NIKE WINDSHIELD M CW4663 525 is a sporty model that fits perfectly if you are a regular trailrunner thanks to its degraded lenses and, at the same time, mirror.

The gradient crystals are characterized by having the darkest upper part and the lighter lower part, perfect to wear in more closed spaces such as the forest and in hours with little sun.


Modelo gafas de running Nike Tailwind

If we talk about better running glasses can not miss the NIKE TAILWIND S EV1106 001, a very discreet and flattering model for all types of runners. They are a very economical option and can be a good way to start testing which sunglasses fit you best and fit the environment in which you run.

As you can see, Nike models are designed so that any runner can find the best running glasses that suit their needs.

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