If you are going to practice cycling and intend not to wear sunglasses, you should know that these are just as important as, for example, the helmet you will wear. The cycling goggles you choose will protect you from the adversities you may encounter on your bike route, whether they are particles such as grit or pollen that can get into the eye, or climatic factors such as rain and wind.

However, the most important thing about cycling glasses is that they will protect your eyes from long hours of exposure to the sun’s rays. Therefore, it is important that you take some time to choose the best cycling glasses for you.

How are the best cycling goggles recommended for me?

Sports glasses are an essential accessory to practice any type of sport, and cycling was not going to be less, so choosing your cycling glasses should be a thoughtful decision that fits the conditions in which you are going to practice this sport.

It does not matter if you are a cycling enthusiast or if you are already involved in the world, because you will need to protect your sight with cycling glasses anyway. So if you want to know how to choose the best cycling glasses, pay attention to the following recommendations.

Surely you can already imagine that the glasses you need to ride a bike will not be the same as those you use in your day to day, since they respond to other types of needs. In this case, to decide on the best cycling glasses you should keep in mind that they adapt well to your face and that they do not fall off, so be sure to check the measurements of the model in question so that they are well gripped on the nose and behind the ears.

Now, you should think about the type of asphalt on which you will use your glasses to choose the type of lens, because it is not the same to practice cycling on the road than in the mountains, and it is in this last scenario where there are more changes of light and perhaps it will be better that you choose specific lenses. In any case, choose cycling goggles that do not have a very wide frame so that it allows you to have a good field of vision from all angles and are lighter.

Due to the wide variety of cycling glasses designs that we have in Optics & University Audiology, we have decided to offer you a selection of the best cycling glasses so you can choose from your favorites.

Best Oakley Cycling Goggles

If we talk about the best cycling glasses we can not ignore those of Oakley, one of the most recognized brands in the market and characterized by its innovative designs, with high performance models. In addition, Oakley technology, present in the glasses of the Tour de France, manages to make these models the favorites of cyclists.


OAKLEY RADAR EV ADVANCER OO 9442 06 FOTOCROMÁTICAS, una de las mejores gafas para ciclismo

The OAKLEY JAWBREAKER OO 9290 14 PHOTOCHROMIC glasses is one of the most popular models among cyclists for, among other things, its modern and striking design.

Although from the outside they may seem robust and heavy, the reality is that they are very light and comfortable glasses for all faces, whether you are a man or a woman.

What makes them one of the best glasses for cycling is the adaptation of vision that offers you in any environment, and is that it has photochromic lenses. What does that mean? Well, the lenses of photochromic glasses darken or lighten depending on the sunlight of the environment. This will help you a lot to reduce glare and eye fatigue caused by continuous changes in light.

OAKLEY OO KATOX9475 OO 9475 03

The OAKLEY OO KATOX9475 OO 9475 03 are a super innovative model that adapts the curvature of the screen to the contour of the face, expanding the upper and peripheral visual area, and increasing its lightness, since it has no mount.

Thanks to its rods and platelets, they are perfectly adjusted, and we can choose between the different Prizm according to the environment where we practice cycling: Prizm Road for asphalt or Prizm Field for mountain.


OAKLEY EYEJACKET REDUX OO 9438 05, una de las mejores gafas para ciclismo

Si algo caracteriza las gafas deportivas de Oakley es la variedad de diseños que tienen para todo ciclista.

En este caso, las OAKLEY EYEJACKET REDUX OO 9438 05 son un modelo de gafas para ciclismo que se asegura de proteger tu vista y de una manera muy económica gracias a sus lentes polarizadas, Prizm Black Polarized, muy utilizadas por los ciclistas.

Esto es así porque este tipo de cristales incluyen un filtro que elimina los reflejos que provoca la luz en la superficie, como en el agua, en los charcos o en el asfalto, y que muchas veces ciega la vista de los ciclistas. Además, este modelo es graduable, por lo que puedes pedir las lentes con el filtro adecuado para el entorno y añadiendo la prescripción.

Cuenta con un diseño sencillo a juego con una montura de color plata y unos cristales de color gris que puede ser una muy buena opción si estás pensando en animarte a ir en bici.

Un hombre practica ciclismo sobre asfalto

Best cycling glasses from Eassun

Eassun cycling goggles are designed to cover all the needs of athletes who ride a bicycle. With Eassun glasses you will have the comfort you expect from sports glasses, since they take into account all the small details to make your experience as comfortable and safe as possible.

Modelo de gafas de ciclismo Eassun Challenge

The EASSUN CHALLENGE 59002 are very versatile sports glasses, which will serve you for cycling and also for running, since it meets all the requirements to protect your eyes from the unforeseen events that may arise while practicing sports.

Their excellent value for money makes them one of the best cycling glasses of the moment, since they offer security at a very economical price, with a frame that covers the entire surface of the eyes so that nothing can come into contact with them. In addition, they are made with blue mirror lenses, which improve contrast and prevent glare from excess light. They are sure to become your favorite glasses!

Best Nike Cycling Goggles

Nike is a brand that has already established itself among the best cycling glasses for the practicality it offers its users with each type of glasses. Their designs are simple and never go out of style, so they favor everyone.


NIKE WINDSHIELD ELITE M W4659 471, una de las mejores gafas para ciclismo

With the NIKE WINDSHIELD ELITE M W4659 471 you can rest assured that they will adapt perfectly to your face, and it offers a good fit on the nose thanks to a rubber clip that keeps them in place.

Anyway, if you notice that your glasses fog up you can readjust that clip on your nose and move them a little away from your face or use an anti-fog spray that will prevent them from fogging. In addition, you will have very good side vision because it has a half mount that will not interfere with your field of vision.


If you are looking for cycling goggles at a more modest price without having to give up the quality of sports glasses, these NIKE WINDSHIELD CW4664 012 are the best cycling glasses for you.

And if you also find it difficult to find cycling glasses that are well attached to your face, with these Nike you have found the solution, since they incorporate a rubber finish on the bridge of the nose that will ensure that they do not fall while you wear them. You see that with these cycling glasses you have the quality and comfort assured for your eyes.