The sunglasses we saw in Michael Jordan’s documentary

Sunglasses are much more than an accessory. Not only do they serve to protect eyesight, but also, very often, they become an undoubted icon of style. There are movie stars whose most prominent roles are linked to a specific model of sunglasses and films like Men In Black that make them representative. And there are also celebrities who have made a certain brand or model their emblem, their hallmark. If you’ve watched the recent Netflix series ‘The Last Dance‘ you’ll know what we mean; and if not, from Optics we tell you. Discover Michael Jordan glasses!

‘The Last Dance‘: The documentary about Michael Jordan

The question “who is Michael Jordan?” would sound quite surprising considering the dimensions of the fame and prestige of this former Chicago Bulls player. Considered one of the best basketball players in the world, Michael Jordan provided an unparalleled sports career, reaping dozens of awards and becoming an icon in his own right.

What perhaps was not something so well known – and it is, precisely, one of the facets explored by the documentary about Michael Jordan ‘The Last Dance‘ – is his influence on the world of fashion. Throughout the ten chapters that make up the ESPN series broadcast by Netflix we can not only see the successes of the former basketball player, but also his aesthetic footprint. With a very marked personal style, Michael Jordan gave a twist to men’s fashion that made him unique also outside the courts. And, without a doubt, one of his biggest weaknesses was his enormous fondness for sunglasses from the American brand Oakley.

Jordan, a Oakley stalwart

Glasses-Michael-JordanIn 1980, the Oakley brand made its foray into the field of sports glasses. From there, the rest is history. The firm is well known for offering a wide variety of sports designs in sunglasses that have set trends over the years, reaching the present. Talking about “Jordan glasses” involves talking about Oakley. And it is that the former player has worn a large number of designs, many of them considered true fashion icons over the years.

Exploring the stylistic side of Michael Jordan and his influence on the field of sunglasses is fascinating. And thanks to the docuseries ‘The Last Dance‘ we take the opportunity to tell you a little more about some of the main models that this celebrity has worn and that have been linked to the Jordan aura. Do you want to know more about these models? We’ll tell you!

The influence of a sports icon

Taking into account how aware Michael Jordan has been of his style and imprint, the choice of his glasses is not at all trivial. As the basketball player added successes on the courts and his fame grew more and more, his outfits gained media coverage. His love for Oakley sunglasses is not at all casual, since the sporty style of these accessories perfectly complemented his outfits of full trend in the 90s.
Taking into account that, currently, the sporty and urban style is more in trend than ever, it is extremely interesting to take a look at its collection of Oakley glasses, very varied among themselves but with a very marked and versatile style. In fact, as appearances by Jordan and the rest of the Chicago Bulls team took place — all sporting iconic Oakley designs — the furor for the renamed “Michael Jordan glasses” grew and grew. Some of these models of Oakley sunglasses are already discontinued and have become collector’s items, although others are still on sale and others have had their own reinventions within the brand’s catalog.

What are the famous Michael Jordan glasses?

Oakley Romeo

One of the most iconic models of Michael Jordan glasses were the Oakley Romeo, glasses with a markedly futuristic appearance thanks to its landscape design, its 3D frames and its monochrome tonality. Although it must be said that the fame of these glasses is not due exclusively to the former NBA player. If we say “Tom Cruise” and “Mission Impossible II” you will surely quickly remember more reasons why this model has acquired the category of icon.

Oakley Eye Jacket

Oakley-fives-squaredContinuing with models aesthetically ahead of their time we have the Oakley Eye Jacket. Launched in the mid-90s, these glasses had an invaluable asset of an extremely futuristic and recognizable design, very flattering and perfect to add the perfect touch of style to any outfit. And it is that the Oakley brand, far from being pigeonholed in the sports field, has managed to strengthen its style in the most urban terrain. The ideal alternative to include a casual touch -and, at the same time, very studied- in terms of fashion. An updated way to wear the original Eye Jacket model could be to opt for the Oakley Fives Squared or its Redux review, which we talk about below.

Oakley Eye Jacket Redux

During Jordan’s years of stardom many of the models evolved to adapt to new trends and needs. This is the case of the Eye Jacket Redux glasses, a redesigned from the classic Oakley Eye Jacket. These follow the original line but introduce somewhat more striking mounts, as well as an optical technology according to the new times.OAKLEY-EYEJACKETPrecisely, the latest update of the Eye Jacket Redux launched in 2019 – and that you can find in the University Optics catalog – is one of the emblematic models of the American brand. Available in silver, black or with colored lenses, these full-frame glasses are one of the most versatile ways to be inspired by the Jordan style and apply it to the new times.

Oakley Trenchcoat

Among Michael Jordan’s favorite models are also the Oakley Trenchcoat. Abandoning the most oval lines, this model of rounded lenses offers an ideal stylistic alternative to stand out in a sober and elegant way. Undoubtedly, one of the most iconic models of the 90s. Today, the Oakley brand has launched a large number of models such as the Oakley Pitchman or the Oakley Latch that also include more rounded and wide lenses.OAKLEY-LATCH

Oakley M-Frames

If we talk about iconic and easily recognizable models, it is essential to talk about the Oakley M-Frames. Far from being stuck in a style considered more extravagant at that time, this model has evolved to be an essential within outdoor sports and, also, of course, of the new trends in terms of vibrant and daring colored lenses. A perfect option to protect your eyes from glare thanks to its mirrored lenses and to set trends in our times.OAKLEY-M2-FRAME-XL

Oakley Mars Leather

Nor can we forget one of the most iconic models as far as Michael Jordan glasses are concerned. The Oakley Mars Leather stands out for its characteristic design made of leather, with stitching and round crystals. A model of cyberpunk inspiration that today constitutes a collector’s piece.

Remember that Optics & University Audiology you will find a wide variety of Oakley models to wear sunglasses of complete trend. Both in our online catalog and in our wide network of physical stores you have at your fingertips the variety of models that will allow you to wear a personal and current style. Have you been inspired by Michael Jordan glasses? Enter our catalog and find the glasses that will make you shine like a sports star!

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