Wearing glasses: from ugly duckling to symbol of beauty and personality

Years ago, wearing glasses was synonymous with, well, not being too pretty. Television and cinema were responsible for reinforcing the myth. Who doesn’t remember the endearing and intelligent “Ugly Betty”? He wore braces, a somewhat strange bangs… and glasses!

Not far behind are all those teen movies that included the transformation of the typical class-ready girl into an unrecognizable person, now cool and sexy. Anne Hathaway, in “Princess by Surprise”, gains a throne and loses glasses. Katy Perry also does the same when she embodies the myth of the intelligent girl, but ugly duckling, in “Last Friday night”.


But now you can wear glasses and be sexy. Or much better: you can wear glasses and be as you want, without feeling pigeonholed in a single label.


Surely you don’t need examples. In fact, right now it is easier for us to think of cool women wearing glasses than examples for the first paragraph of this article. You have Beyoncé in the music video “Partition”, very hot. It is true that she then takes them off, but those cat eye mounts so fifty-style make it irresistible. If you like them, we have very similar ones from Dolce & Gabbana. There is also Rihanna, who maybe you had not noticed but carries a thousand different types of frames, similar to these. Or the beautiful Blanca Suárez, showing with her Tom Ford that elegance and wearing glasses can go hand in hand. Yoga-loving model Vanesa Lorenzo also wears glasses. Selena Gomez is another celebrity who boasts prescription glasses. And if you follow the Kardashians, you will know that Kendall Jenner likes to wear round nerdy glasses and that she, along with other IT girls, made them fashionable in 2015. If it’s also your style, we have them.

The list can be even longer and more exhaustive, of course, but they are famous women from different professions and serves to give you an idea.


So feel very safe with your glasses. And if for whatever reason you are not convinced by the mount you wear now, change them: the vision professionals of  Optics will be happy to help you.

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