Which is better, glasses made of pasta or metal?

You have to choose new glasses and you are hesitating because you do not know which is better: pasta or metal glasses? Well, this is one of the most recurrent dilemmas when deciding between one or the other glasses, whether prescription glasses or sunglasses.

Choosing glasses may seem like an easy task, but keep in mind that you are going to wear them almost all day and that they will end up becoming your hallmark, so you have to take the time to find the ones that best suit you. So if you are wondering what is better, if pasta or metal glasses, pay attention because in this article we will discover the advantages of both types of frame.

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How do I choose the right glasses for me?

Both pasta or metal glasses are a good option to correct any refractive error, be it myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism or presbyopia. But nowadays glasses not only have to remedy a visual problem, but we must feel comfortable and identified with the design we wear, and in that the type of frame we will choose plays a very important role. Thus, the first thing you should keep in mind when trying on glasses is if they are comfortable and fit well on your face. It is important to find glasses that do not squeeze you but that are not loose and can fall with any sudden movement.

To choose the pasta or metal frame, apart from comfort, the personal tastes of each one and the trends in prescription and sunglasses of the moment will greatly influence. At this point you will probably get the question: which is better, pasta or metal glasses? You should know that these are two totally different materials and that each one will give you different advantages.

Advantages of pasta glasses

Cellulose acetate glasses, better known as pasta glasses, are a very common type of glasses among people who need to correct visual problems. They are characterized by being glasses made of a resistant and robust material at first sight but at the same time makes them light. The most notable advantages of pasta glasses are:

  • The material with which they are made is hypoallergenic. That is, they do not cause any type of allergic reaction, so if you have sensitive skin this may be an important factor to consider.
  • It has a wide range of designs. Cellulose acetate is a material that, in terms of design, color and shape is very creative, since it is very adaptable and moldable to countless variations. In Optics & University Audiology we have a wide variety of models of very original glasses that will not leave anyone indifferent. That is also a point in favor because it will be almost impossible for you not to find glasses that match your style of dress.
  • Forget about marks on your face. Pasta glasses do not need to incorporate pads on the bridge of the nose as a fastening, so they will not leave you the small marks that some metal-framed glasses do leave on your face and will support your nose comfortably.
  • Perfect for concealing the thickness of the crystals. In case you have a high graduation and need to wear thicker crystals, the paste frame allows you to adapt them and is ideal to camouflage that extra thickness. This is more complicated with metal glasses because the frame is much thinner and we will see the lenses protrude from the metal.
  • The frame protects the crystals against possible falls. If we talk about the advantages of pasta glasses, we can not forget that these glasses have a thick frame that covers and protects the lenses, something very useful if you are worried that your glasses may suffer damage or scratches.
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Advantages of metal glasses

It is true that pasta glasses have become fashionable in recent years and a number of new shapes and designs have appeared, but metallic glasses have always been the order of the day and there are some models, such as aviator-style sunglasses or round sunglasses, which have become iconic glasses that will never go out of style. In addition, they have numerous advantages that we will mention below:

  • They are very breathable glasses. If there is something good about metal glasses, it is that they are made of a material that brings freshness to the face thanks to its thin frame. The face does not look so loaded and lets more air through, so if you are a hot person we recommend that you choose glasses with metal frame.
  • It is a very resistant material. Metal is a material that is prepared to adjust and maintain shape over time.
  • Two points of support. The metal glasses have soft, non-slip pads on each side of the bridge of the nose to ensure the greatest support to each person’s face.
  • Perfect to soften the face. When we talk about metal glasses, we refer to very thin frames that are very flattering to soften the hard and marked lines of the faces, thus creating a very pleasant harmony.
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Which option do you choose: pasta or metal glasses? You have already seen that pasta and metal glasses have their advantages and each option will best suit you according to your tastes and needs, so there is no single correct answer to what is better, pasta or metal glasses?

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