How to choose the glasses that best suit you

Your vision specialist may just tell you that you need to wear prescription glasses and you are already thinking that none will favor you, or that you simply want to change your glasses for new ones because you have been wearing them for many years. Be that as it may, you have to decide on glasses and, although it may seem like a simple task, it really is not. You will wear them throughout the day, so they will become an indispensable complement and will become part of your identity.

But how to choose the glasses that best suit you? Whatever your case and you need to correct the ocular refraction that is, we are convinced that in Optics & University Audiology you will find the perfect glasses for you among the wide variety of designs we have for the lifestyle of each person. We want to help you find your glasses for day to day, so if you want to know how to choose the glasses that best suit you, take note of these tips!

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What should you keep in mind to know how to choose the glasses that best suit you?

Once you are clear if you need to correct myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism or presbyopia, it is time to get down to work to choose your favorite glasses. But first you must take into account several things that will influence your final decision, and that is that you should look at the type of refraction you need to correct because that will affect the types of glasses you wear.

If you have a high prescription of myopia or hyperopia, the glass of your glasses will be thicker, so it will be better to bet on prescription glasses of paste that can better support the weight and hide the thickness, and the professionals of University Optics will help you choose the most appropriate frame according to your prescription.

Do not forget more practical aspects such as comfort, a fundamental requirement to choose which glasses suit you best. You must make sure that they are comfortable and light so that you can wear them as long as you want without hardly noticing them. For that, check if they fit well to your face and check that they do not squeeze you on the bridge of the nose or behind the ears. Beyond that, how you choose the glasses that best suit you will depend on your style when it comes to dressing and your facial features.

The glasses that best suit you according to your style

Being true to the style of yourself is something that must be maintained when you introduce new glasses to your looks. Therefore, if you have a very marked style it will be easier for you to find the glasses that best suit you.

If you always like to be fashionable, surely you are already aware of the latest trends in prescription glasses and you will also know that a model that will go according to you are the prescription glasses with transparent frame, since this colorless tone combines with all kinds of looks.

Calm because in Optics & University Audiology we have glasses for everyone. For example, if you usually wear very elegant clothes and follow a formal style, Cat Eye prescription glasses or butterfly prescription glasses can be a very good option for you, since they present very sophisticated models that not everyone can wear.

On the contrary, those who tend to wear more casual and informal looks, square or hexagonal prescription glasses will fit with them perfectly thanks to their versatile designs and adaptable to most faces.

The glasses that best suit your hair

Although it may seem like an irrelevant factor, hair color has a lot to do when we ask ourselves how to choose the glasses that best suit you. This is because if you have dark hair you should choose glasses with dark tones such as blackbrown or blue that match the tone of your hair.

Instead, you’re likely to feel more favored with gray, silver or gold colors, and even transparent gradientsif your hair color is blonde or white. In addition, you can play with the combination of these colors with other more striking in the frame to give it a more original touch and take more prominence, as would be the case of the HALLY & SON HT006 V02 glasses of the Hally & Son brand.

Gafas redondeadas con montura de metal de la firma Hally & Son

The glasses that best suit you according to your skin tone

It is important that you see yourself the more favored with your glasses to feel safe with them when you wear them, so skin tone is also another factor to take into account to know how to choose the glasses that best suit you.

If you have a dark or brown skin tone, it is interesting that you try gold metal frames or pasta frames with intense colors such as red or even frames that mix several colors, since that contrast will suit you very well. What do you think of these modern RAY-BAN RX 7140 5854 glasses?

Modelo de gafas graduadas con montura roja de la marca Ray-Ban

In lighter skins we are also interested in generating that contrast between both shades, so why not try dark colors? Blackblue or violet are shades that will help enhance the brightness on the face.

The glasses that best fit you according to the shape of your face

In Optics & University Audiology we want to help you find out how to choose the glasses that best suit you, so this point can be very useful to make you feel comfortable aesthetically.

The facial features and physiognomy of each one are fundamental when wondering how to choose the glasses that best suit you to try to create a facial harmony and generate a contrast between the shape of the face and that of the glasses. So, if you have a round or oval face, you should know that your proportions are very balanced and that offers you great flexibility to choose your favorite glasses. Even so, if you are looking for glasses for round faces, square and rectangular shapes will add smooth lines to your face, while aviator glasses will also highlight the features and achieve greater expressiveness.

It may be that your features are straighter and more marked, but there are options for you too. The glasses for square faces are usually those with narrow frames to soften those more defined features, with rounded shapes or Cat Eye style. You can be sure that with these recommendations you will wear a style according to your features.

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Have you already decided on your new glasses? Now we have told you how to choose the glasses that best suit you, but if you are still not one hundred percent sure of your choice you can take a look at all the prescription glasses we have in our online store

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