Iconic glasses that are still in fashion

If something good has glasses, both prescription glasses and sunglasses, is the versatility and the large number of models that exist so that each person can find their own and make them their hallmark.

Whether for their adaptability and comfort or because they have been worn by great references in the world of music, cinema or sports, there are certain iconic glasses that are still fashionable and with which you will never feel out of place. So if you are thinking of buying new glasses but you are not sure which model can fit you, the ones we are going to show you will be a sure success because they have been a trend for years. In Optics & University Audiology we wanted to review the iconic glasses that have emerged over the decades.

gafas john lennon

Famous prescription glasses that are still fashionable

There is a series of prescription glasses that never go out of style and that you can always have as a wardrobe background, since not even the new trends of prescription glasses will pass them over. And that’s because we’re talking about very versatile models that are capable of adapting to any scenario.

RAY-BAN RX 5283 2144

The Havana color of these Ray-Ban is what makes them one of the most iconic glasses today, since it is a pattern that became fashionable a few years ago and since then has established itself as one of the most popular frames among users of prescription glasses for its vintage character. In this case it is glasses of the Ray-Ban brand, but there are many firms that have been able to detect the boom of this style and incorporate them into their collections.

gafas icónicas rayban


Cat Eye prescription glasses have been popular since the 50s, and they manage to bring personality to the looks and make them the most sophisticated. Not only that, but they stylize the face considerably creating an elongated effect thanks to the frame of the frame pointed upwards.


What’s more classic than rectangular prescription glasses? Although they may seem like a boring style, brands have managed to keep them among the best sellers. What makes these glasses that remain so popular is precisely the rectangular shape of the frame, since it is neither too big nor too small. Exaggeratedly large frames, once they cease to be a trend, often become outdated and outdated.

Iconic sunglasses that made history

No matter how many years pass, there are certain sunglasses that we will never forget because one day they are here to stay. Worn by singers, actors, referents in the world of sports and models, the following glasses caused a furor and became a symbol for society.


If we had to bet on iconic glasses that will never stop being manufactured would be the already historic John Lennon glasses, the round glasses par excellence that the singer popularized in the 60s and that since then have remained among the bestsellers of each season.

They are a very popular model for both men and women, although it is true that it is more recurrent to see young people with them, since it brings an informal and casual touch in all looks. It has been more than four decades since the former singer of the Beatles went on stage for the first time with these glasses and turned them into one of the most recognized iconic glasses.

RAY-BAN AVIATOR RB 3025 001/51

What celebrity have we not seen with these aviator-style glasses? Over the years there have been many famous people who we have seen wear these aviator sunglasses, and it is a model that feels very good to almost everyone, especially people with a rather square face.

They were created in the late 30s especially for pilots of the United States Air Force, and from there they became known through the big screen thanks to several films, such as Top Gun, and later their use was extended to the rest of society. Like aviators, there are many other movie glasses that we all remember in the eyes of our favorite characters.

gafas GUESS GU 7616 28U

Although they are glasses that are already many years old, we have seen how brands have been able to update them without losing their essence, adding all kinds of colors, with the gold or silver frame, with green, black, brown and even lilac lenses, as is the case of this model GUESS GU 7616 28U of the Guess brand. That is something that makes them even more modern as time goes by and, at the same time, one of the reasons why more people end up opting for them turning them into a model of iconic glasses without a doubt.


If we talk about iconic glasses, the Clubmaster are one of the most popular and classic Ray-Ban models of all time. Surely you have a friend or family member who has these sunglasses, or they will even sound like having seen them in the television series Mad Men, because their timeless design makes them a good option no matter how many years pass. They attract attention for their comfort and for the retro style that characterizes them, so, if you want to play it safe to set trends, these are your glasses.

Which of all these iconic glasses do you choose? Whatever glasses you choose, you can be sure that you will be guaranteeing the highest visual quality to your eyes and you will never stop being fashionable.

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